As it was for many of us my first taste of music was at home with my family. My parents are from the Caribbean Island Jamaica so my early music influences came from Reggae & Lovers Rock, Soul, Disco, Funk we were blessed with great music and new genres Disco in the 70s and the House movement in the late 80s. I still remember Michael Jackson when he went solo and how he took the world by storm and the first time I heard Marshall Jeffersons – Move Your Body.

Those were good times music was driven by social unrest and various movements and fashion and most of all culture, Soul Boys, House Heads, Punks & Rockers, Ska, Hip Hop, Rap and Pop.

For me those eras between the 70’s and the naughties were the best of times so many great memories and misspent youth clubbing up and down the UK and beyond so many influences so many great Djs Superstar Djs Promoters and producers and memories of Ibiza…

Way before any of that my love for music exploded when I left school in 1984 I remember I used to do mixed tapes for my mates from the radio, you know record and pause when the chat came in – dissecting tapes to cut out the endless talking of djs who should know better Lol to create my own mixed tapes.

I started Djing in 1989 because I couldn’t stand listening to the same Pop and Rock songs a few years later 1992 Hypehouse was created, I drew my logo by hand and had it designed as it is today. I have dj’d and promoted my events for over 35 years, the journey continues…